Let water flow

Mimasa has completely renewed the line of washing and drying systems. Our main goal is to warrantee the hygiene in all the processes of washing, sanitizing and drying. For that reason we have gone a step forward in the hygienic design, working on three key concepts: retention corners elimination, easy accessibility to all zones and water draining assurance. We want to let water flow!

  • Great accessibility. More than 2 meters wide doors

  • Lateral tank to provide a better access for cleaning

  • Elimination of 90º angles and dead corners, preventing water from being retained

  • Your tailor-made project

    We design and manufacture tailor-made washing and sanitizing systems that are designed for each specific sector and companmy to fit their production needs.

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  • At your side

    Mimasa is by your side during the entire process. We help you choose the right solution for your application, we provide start-up and training, and we provide after sale parts and service. We are here when you need us most.

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