High production industrial
washing systems

As part of a wide range of washing tunnels offered by Mimasa, we can also find the high production industrial washers. They can be configurated with multiple stages of the tunnel to work at productions up to 9.000 units / hour. With models that include two and three tracks per tunnel, technologies such as Clean Ad Aeternum o Label Removal and a specially robust and accessible construction, the Mimasa lines have become the reference in the market and, with no doubt, the preferred of those who need to clean big amounts of RPC, crates, palbox and palets per hour.

We have experience in washing and drying different shapes, no matter if standard or not, such us collapsible trays, nestable crates, totes, half-crates, RPC, boxes, plastic containers, palboxes, and palets, unsorted in height or with special sizes, specific modules for the labels removal, C-turners, dumpers, etc. In all cases, Mimasa is a warranty of cleanness quality, at the time that we work for a water, energy and chemicals consumption optimization. This equipment has been designed to work in the food industry and the pooling and logistic business as well, in plants used to work 24/7 with no stop.

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Customized project of high production washers

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