Washing systems
for the ready meals sector

Ready meal sector has grown non-stop all over the world these last years. This growth seems to be unlimited at short-term. The wide range of products that normally offer each company in this sector makes very different production processes and so, shorter than in others companies of the food company.


That is why sometimes these kinds of companies have a high quantity of different containers. From meat trolleys and stainless steel tanks of different sizes to crates, stainless steel trays, Gastronorm trays, trolleys and all kind of tools that must be washed, disinfecting and often, dried.


The available space is always a hard point in every industry, and in the ready meal industry this problem is often worse, due to the wide range of processes in the plant and the need not to cross circuits. In these circumstances, the versatility of the equipments change into a key fact when it is time to plan no matter which project of washing in this industry.

In a sector where there are many thermic process and food passes through the critical temperatures; the hygiene is, even more, an element to take into account daily. That is why the hygienic standards must be especially demanding.


Due to all these circumstances, Mimasa, which is specialized in tailored hygiene projects with very high quality and hygienic standards, has become into a referent at international level in this sector. Nowadays we have tailor made lines installed all around the world, with combined washing system for meat trolleys and tray trolleys in cabinets, trolley washing tunnels for catering services with label removal system, Gastronorm tray washers, or oven trolley and meat trolley in one single machine, all these apart from the different tray and pallet washers.

The APPCC program, developed by Mimasa, able to display the estate of the important points of the hygiene in real-time and set an active control of these parameters to the point that the line can be stopped if something could risk the hygienic guarantee of the system; it is an ideal complement for these kind of installations.

Customized washers for the sector ready meals

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