Automated systems to wash up to 1.000 pallets per hour

High production lines for pallets. Quality and productivity sustained along the time. Plastic pallets are since many years ago, a basic element in the logistic chain. Is for that reason that the use of pools, companies specialized in pallet and quarter pallet rental and management, has become more and more popular. One of the fundamental and critical aspects is the correct sanitizing after each use, and before they are returned to the loop, as there are multiple users of these pallets and diverse the quality standards required. No risk can be run with the cleaning result. Is in this context in which the Mimasa lines, specially designed for high productions, make more sense than ever, and each one of the constructive details becomes more important. High productions involve high productivities, minimal stoppages, and constant and traceable cleaning results. And all these features are brought by the high production lines from Mimasa.

Mimasa Technology

  • Hygienic Design

    Retention zones and 90º angles elimination, continuous welding, great accessibility. Let water flow!

  • Virus & Bacteria Neutralize

    Remove the surface contamination of virus and bacteria, improving the food safety.

  • Clean ad Aeternum

    The best filtering combination of the market, systems that allow safe interventions without stopping the line and solutions for the auto diagnostic.

  • Born to be Automated

    To facilitate the automatization of the sanitizing processes. Washing systems born to be automated.

  • The 10-Sides

    Ten sides that need to be cleaned. Mimasa does not forget any of them.

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  • Your tailor-made project

    We are tailors for your washing and sanitizing system. We design and manufacture tailor-made the cleaning system that fits better in the production needs of each sector and company

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