Washing tunnels
for hooks and shackles

The hook cleaning in continuous is very helpful in those plants where the hooks work in a closed circuit. By means of a dual washing system, the Mimasa tunnels can make two functions. In the production mode they wash the hook each time it passes through the tunnel. With no chemicals, nor temperature, the goal is to decrease the microbial load. This process allows an increase of the production hours and longer shell life for the products.

On the other side, the cleaning mode, activated at the end of the shift, uses chemicals and temperature to make an intensive sanitizing of all the hooks, leaving them completely clean and disinfected, ready for the next working shift.

We have also special versions with higher clearance height or lower loading position, so other kind of hooks can be washed. Plastic hooks used in the ham industry or stainless-steel hangers also called trees, used to handle fresh and cured meat in the production plants. Contact our technicians and they will study your case and prepare a tailor-made proposal according to your needs.

Models of hook / shackle washers

Customized project of hook / shackle washers

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