stick washers

Mimasa has specific cabinets to wash sticks but also solutions to integrate this wash into bigger cabinets dedicated to rack washing. The SW series are the more popular due to their simplicity. With a big sized door for easy loading and unloading and a very simple program, it gets excellent washing results and it can guarantee the sticks sanitization. Its compact and functional design allows a minimum water, chemicals and energy consumption. It is adapted to any model of stick: round, star, triangle, solid or empty inside; different lengths, stainless-steel or aluminum, etc.

It is also quite usual that the stick washing is done in big rack washers, using the automatic rotary tumbler designed by Mimasa. This solution allows to automate the loading and unloading process, even giving the option to separate inlet and outlet sides. Contact with our engineers to get your custom-made solution.

Customized project of stick washers

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