Crate washing tunnels

The crate washing tunnels by Mimasa have been designed modularly allowing multiple configurations and adjustments for each specific need. The compact and functional design warrantees the cleaning results with the minimum consumption of water, energy and detergent.

According the requirements, the washers can be one or two tracks, can add automations such as distackers, stackers, turners, conveyors, buffers, etc. Currently hundreds of different crates are used for a wide range of application: big ones, small ones, nestable, collapsible, etc. You will find in Mimasa the crate washer that fits your needs. Depending on the specific request we can personalize them for the washing of any type of containers, from crates and palets to any kind of tray, RPC, grill, mold, lid, pot, tote…  

Our washing tunnels for crates cover a wide range of productions, from 100 to 9.000 units/hour and can add some options such as self-cleaning rotary filters, screw filters for separation of solids, detergent and disinfectant dosing systems, steam exhauster, different water heating systems, label removing modules, blow drying, spin drying, etc.

Customized project of crate washers

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