Tunnels for the cleaning of buggies and meat truck in continuous process

The continuous cleaning of buggies / meat trucks requires a certain level of experience and knowledge. Firstly, because a very good washing system is needed to assure a good washing result for a buggy running at that speed. But also because the meat truck is a very difficult to manipulate element. Its dimensions, shapes and weight distribution demand a very thought design, and accurate manufacturing and start-up. During the last 10 years, In Mimasa we have had the opportunity to deliver several installations all over the world for automated and continuous buggy handling and washing. So we can affirm that we have already been exposed to all possible combinations of turns, accumulations and loading/unloading positions. The TC series, with TC-2000-CC as its more compact model, draws from this experience and knowledge, bringing already tested solutions to those who are looking for a good management of the automated and continuous 200L and 300L buggies, eurobin cleaning and handling.

Mimasa Technology

  • Hygienic Design

    Retention zones and 90º angles elimination, continuous welding, great accessibility. Let water flow!

  • Clean ad Aeternum

    The best filtering combination of the market, systems that allow safe interventions without stopping the line and solutions for the auto diagnostic.

  • Born to be Automated

    To facilitate the automatization of the sanitizing processes. Washing systems born to be automated.

  • The 10-Sides

    Ten sides that need to be cleaned. Mimasa does not forget any of them.

Technical Features

  • Maximum clearance (WxH)


  • Production

    50 u/h

  • Pump power

    18,5 KW

  • Filtering

    Self-cleaning rotary filter

  • Stages


  • Heating

    Steam or electrical (other options available)

  • Options and accessories
  • Adjustable top guiding system for different heights
  • Lateral guiding for different widths
  • Steam extractor systems
  • Detergent and disinfectant dosing systems
  • Conductivity control
  • Custom made solution for other elements washing
  • Recirculated rinse stage before the final rinse
  • HACCP register and control program
  • Blow-off between stages
  • Versiones calorifugadas

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    We design and manufacture tailor-made washing and sanitizing systems that are designed for each specific sector and companmy to fit their production needs.

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