10 crates stack spin dryer

The centrifugal dryers of Mimasa allow to achieve exceptional drying results combined with unbeatably low consumptions compared to traditional blowing modules. The SPIN PL10 model is conceived to spin all kinds of crate stacked, but the most common is to use it for drying stacks of 10 collapsible crates, achieving a production above the 2.500 crates per hour. Applications for spin drying crates, half-crates, crate 3040, nestable crate, totes, trays, baskets, RPC, moulds.

  • Extremely low consumption
  • Less than 5 grams of residual water per crate
  • Compact
  • Totally AISI304
  • Adaptable to different stack heights
  • Great accessibility

Mimasa Technology

  • Hygienic Design

    Retention zones and 90º angles elimination, continuous welding, great accessibility. Let water flow!

  • Plug & Clean

    We design our systems to be easy to assemble, install and connect.

  • Born to be Automated

    To facilitate the automatization of the sanitizing processes. Washing systems born to be automated.

  • Spin Dry

    The spin-drying system that improves the drying results and reduces the consumption, the space and the operational costs.

Technical Features

  • Number of crates per stack

    10 (collapsible crates)

  • Possibility to spin rigid crates


  • Production

    2.500u/h adjustable

  • Maximum clearance (WxH)


  • Results

    Betwen 2 and 5 grams depending on the crate shape

  • Energy recovery at the desceleration


  • Options and accessories
  • Inlet and outlet conveyors

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