Compact tunnel, with features for large lines

D Series washing tunnels are the compact solution to the needs for small to medium throughputs. They are ideal to be installed in reduced spaces, optimizing space and consumption. With a renewed design, we have provided D Series with a great accessibility to the washing area and the tank, to facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks. Possibility of washing different kind of elements: crate washer, tray washer, tote washer, mould washer, bucket washer, RPC's washer.  

  • Compact
  • Entirely bulit in AISI304
  • Double filtering. Option of rotary filter. Easy to clean
  • Great accessibility. Door over 2 m wide for easy access to the washing area
  • Side tank for easy access to clean

Mimasa Technology

  • Hygienic Design

    Retention zones and 90º angles elimination, continuous welding, great accessibility. Let water flow!

  • Plug & Clean

    We design our systems to be easy to assemble, install and connect.

Technical Features

  • Maximum clearance (WxH)


  • Production (600mm long elements)

    700u/h adjustable

  • Pump power

    15 kW

  • Filtering

    Double filtering tray+drum (optional rotary filter)

  • Phases


  • Heating

    Steam or electrical. Other options available

  • Options and accessories
  • Self-cleaning rotary filter
  • Adjustable top guiding system for different heights
  • Lateral guiding for different widths
  • Steam extractor systems
  • Detergent and disinfectant dosing systems
  • Conductivity control
  • Lower return ramp for one-person cleaning
  • Blowing module to remove traces of water at the outlet
  • Custom-made cages for washing small items

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Associated Machines

  • At your side

    Mimasa is by your side during the entire process. We help you choose the right solution for your application, we provide start-up and training, and we provide after sale parts and service. We are here when you need us most.

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  • Hygienic Design

    We apply hygienic design technology to all Mimasaa washing, sanitizing and drying systems. The three key concepts are: elimination of right angles, maximizing water flow, and giving maximum accessibility for cleaning.

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