Blowing and drying

The blowing and drying modules for crates, totes, RPC, vats, palets or palbox are tailor designed and manufactured in Mimasa. They can have multiple combinations of blowers, according to the needs of each customer. In that sense, Mimasa brings his know-how and experience in the field of blowing and drying by means of simulations performed by our best qualified technicians, warranting that the mechanical effect of the air will have a high impact on the maximum surface of the elements to dry.

After years of investigation and tests, we have developed a solutions that can  optimize the power of the motor and the effect of the air impulse by the turbine and expulsed against the element through exclusively designed blowers. Thanks to that work we can offer systems to our customers capable to dry much more, with less space, less energy consumption and lower investment.

We offer you the possibility of running some tests with your crates, trays,  pallets, bins and vats, so we can guarantee by contract a result in grams of moisture remaining on your element.

Customized project of blowing and drying tunnels

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