14 July 2020 / Articles

Clean ad Aeternum, an unstoppable solution

In Mimasa we know that progressing in technology must be constant to adapt to our customer needs. Logistic companies, pools, RPC's rental, even food processors with unified washing centers, all of them need systems that allow them to wash, disinfect and dry high volumes of containers per day, with no need to stop ever. In Mimasa we make it possible:

  • The best filtering combination in the market
  • Advanced systems for auto diagnostics and parameter control
  • Highest efficiency in accessibility
  • Efficient management of water and energy
  • Plastic and paper labels removal 4 sides
  • High washing and drying speed

Thanks to the work done with the main references In Europe and worldwide, we have ben capable to develop this series for high productions, with some features that make the life of our most exigent customers much easier. At the same time, they can achieve rates of productivity and quality unachievable for the lines of our competitors.

Try us out and you will be surprised!